Why is my record request not available instantly?

Although some deem it simple photocopying, for our Provider Clients and ChartRequest Staff the release of information (ROI) process is characterized by high levels of complexity and risk that must be carefully balanced with the public’s need for health information. Key steps in the process include logging, verifying, and tracking a request, retrieving patient information from multiple locations in multiple formats, authenticating the requestor, determining the minimum information needed to meet the request, safeguarding sensitive information that could potentially be released in the process, and then ⎯ and only then ⎯ reproducing, packaging and mailing the documents with an invoice.

These time-intensive steps related to ROI is far more complex than simply pressing “start” on a copy machine; thus, their appropriate, efficient and cost-effective execution depends on well-trained Customer Success Associates that are ROI specialists who know how to protect both the patient’s confidentiality and the hospital/physician practices liability in information release and the patient's privacy. 

Please review the video below for a more in-depth explanation.

AHIOS Video Explaining the Medical Record Request Process

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