What does ChartRequest do?

ChartRequest helps both requestors and providers streamline the process of managing medical record requests by providing a secure, efficient platform to release protected health information as quickly as possible. 

Law professionals who choose our active retrieval service can avoid the hassle of calling, emailing, and faxing providers to follow up on requests by outsourcing their ROI needs to ChartRequest. 

Providers who choose our self-service option can use our platform to streamline the ROI process and ensure no request is lost or forgotten. 

Providers who choose our full-service option completely outsource the ROI process to the ChartRequest team, saving their staff even more time and energy throughout the release of information (ROI) process. Visit our outsourcing ROI plans webpage for a comparison between the features of these two options. 

Additionally, our referral management system can reduce referral leakage, promote care coordination between providers, and improve the patient experience. Our platform eases communication between providers and simplifies the process of sharing information.