What can I expect once I’ve submitted a request, and/or what are the different request statuses?

Each request goes through several phases or request statuses:

  1. Draft - When you first create a request, it is created as a "Draft." That means it hasn't yet been submitted to the healthcare provider. You can save the draft request and come back to it later, for example, if you need to scan in your authorization so you can attach it to the request.

  2. Pending - When you submit the request to the Provider it goes into pending state. Your healthcare provider receives a message that the request has been submitted. You will receive an email when the request is priced.

  3. Priced - When the provider looks up the request and determines that the authorization is valid, they will typically put in the number of pages for the request, and generate a price for the request. At that point, you will receive an email notification that you can now log onto the platform and pay for the request.

  4. Ordered - Once a request is priced, you can pay for it using your credit card or via check. Healthcare providers will not release the record until you have paid for the request.

  5. Completed - A request has been fulfilled and records delivered. Depending on the service you requested and the provider’s policy, the records could be attached to the request, faxed, or mailed to you.

Note that Provider Clients nor ChartRequest will release the records until you, the requestor, have paid for the request. Please note that Provider Clients have discretion in regard to the price and payment required for a request. Patient and various government agencies may receive request gratis.

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