What can I expect once I’ve submitted a request, and/or what are the different request statuses?

From creation to fulfillment, each request moves through several unique request statuses:

  1. Draft - When you create a request, it is created as a draft. This means that it has not yet been submitted to a provider. You can save a request and come back to it later if, for example, you need to scan your authorization to attach it to the request.
  2. Pending - When you submit a request to a provider, it goes into a pending status and the provider is notified. You do not need to take any action while the request is in this status.
  3. Incomplete - If your request is incomplete or the authorization is invalid, the request will be marked incomplete, and a reason will be provided. Please correct any issues and submit the updated request.
  4. QA - Each requested record goes through a rigorous quality assurance phase, during which ChartRequest or our provider client’s staff review each page to ensure accuracy and privacy.
  5. Priced - When the provider reviews a request and determines that the authorization is valid, they will typically generate a price for the records based on the number of pages. Afterward, you will receive an email notification that you can log in to the platform and pay for the request via credit card or check depending on the provider
  6. Ordered - Once payment is received, you will gain access to your records. Depending on the service you requested and the provider’s policy, you will get your records either via fax or electronic download.
  7. Completed - The request has been fulfilled and the records delivered.