Hitech pricing

Thank you for your pricing inquiry. We take pricing very seriously and pricing changes often throughout the various legal jurisdictions of the United States based on myriad factors. We have algorithms and processes on this end that help our staff keep up and we are always working to make this process seamless.


Although some deem it simple photocopying, for our Provider Clients and ChartRequest Staff the release of information (ROI) process is characterized by high levels of complexity and risk that must be carefully balanced with the public’s need for health information. Key steps in the process include logging, verifying, and tracking a request, retrieving patient information from multiple locations in multiple formats, authenticating the requestor, determining the minimum information needed to meet the request, safeguarding sensitive information that could potentially be released in the process, and then ⎯ and only then ⎯ reproducing, packaging and delivering the documents with an invoice ONLY after undergoing our DoubleQA process.


These time-intensive steps related to ROI is far more complex than simply pressing “start” on a copy machine; thus, their appropriate, efficient and cost-effective execution depends on well-trained Customer Success Associates that are ROI specialists who know how to protect both the patient’s confidentiality and the hospital/physician practices liability in information release and the patient's privacy.


Thank you for pointing out Individuals’ Right under HIPAA to Access their Health Information under 45 CFR § 164.524. We are very supportive and provide omni-channel patient access. When a Patient or a Personal Representative makes a request we elect to follow the "Average Cost" method of calculating costs. Also, we strive to provide individuals with easy access to their health information and empowers them to be more in control of decisions regarding their health and well-being . The scope of the Personal Representative’s authority to act for the individual under the Privacy Rule derives from his or her authority under applicable law to make health care decisions for the individual - as a law firm or Third-party retrieval firm you are clearly not making healthcare decisions for the individual you have requested records for and we cannot honor your request given these records are being used for litigation or similar activities. We have spoken with representatives of the Office of Civil Rights as continue to have a dialogue with this government department to ensure we are following the spirit, intent, and letter of the law as written. Therefore, your Request will be priced according to local, state, or federal statues as applicable and per the terms you agreed to in our Terms & Conditions when you signed up to make a request. Please note, if this patient is Deceased, and you are the administrator of a trust, please let us know.


If you still have pricing concerns, please navigate to the ChartRequest Pricing Review Submission Page and complete a Pricing Review Request and you will get a response and quickly as possible. The completeness of your Pricing Review Request is paramount for the pricing review to be processed timely.


All the best,


ChartRequest Customer Success & Services Team