What is the cancellation policy?

Found at https://www.chartrequest.com/requestor-terms-of-service/

The fees for canceling a request after it has been submitted are:

  • Base rate of $49.95
    • Plus $1 per page for the first 100 pages, $0.75 for each additional page
    • Plus $4.95 Facility Rejection Fee per rejection
    • Plus Provider Fee
      • Any fees charged by the record provider
      • $3.00 handling fee
      • Any bank or currency conversion fee

ChartRequest will also automatically cancel a request after it has been in the system for 60 calendar days without being retrieved, or when it has been awaiting additional information from the requestor for 14 calendar days. 

In this case, the requestor will be notified via email and invoiced the full retrieval fee and any provider fees. If the requestor decides that automatically canceled records are needed, they can either submit a new request or open the closed request for an additional fee.

If duplicate requests for the same record are made, one of the requests may be canceled. In this case, the requestor will be charged normally for the fulfilled request and charged the cancellation fee for the canceled request.