How to create a new records request as a healthcare provider

To create a care coordination request with another provider, sign in to ChartRequest and navigate to the care coordination page. Once you reach the dashboard, click “Make a Request.”

You will be brought to the request workflow, where you will input information on the left side. To make any edits throughout the process, click the live form on the right. Click “Start” to begin.

First, you will need to enter the patient’s information. Enter the patient’s first and last name, date of birth, and optionally their social security number, phone number, and the date and time of their next appointment. 

Now select a provider to coordinate with. You can search via state or name to find the correct provider, or filter the results by your favorites or nearby providers. When you find the correct provider, you can click the star to add them to your favorites, or click “Request” to select them.

Select the types of records you would like to retrieve, and fill out the dates of service you would like to receive records from. There are 4 options, and a calendar will appear when you select any option except “All.” The options are as follows:

  • All

This will request all of the individual’s records from this provider. 

  • After

This will select only the dates of service after the selected date.

  • Before

This will select only the dates of service before the selected date.

  • Between

This will select only the dates of service between two selected dates.

Next, review your request for accuracy, and click “Edit” if you need to make any changes. Check the box labeled “Fax Nudge” if you would like us to fax a reminder to the provider, then click “Submit Request.”

To review your request, navigate to either the dashboard or the “Outbound” page. Click the request you wish to review to open the details.

Here you can view the request details. If you would like to abandon the request, click “Abandon Request” at the bottom of the page and confirm. 

You can also either click “Messages” or scroll down to the bottom of the page to reach the “Communication” window. Click “Activity” to open a log of every update regarding your request. To interact directly with the provider, you can use the “Provider Messages” box to send any questions or details.

You may also watch this video for a step-by-step walkthrough: