Managing your dependents

With ChartRequest, it’s easy to request records or forms for a dependent. When you create a request for a dependent, we’ll automatically enter their information into the request. To view and/or edit your dependents, sign in to ChartRequest and click “Dependents” from either the “Dashboard” or the sidebar.

Add a Dependent

On this screen, you will see your current dependents listed. To add a new dependent, click “Add Dependent.”

Enter the new dependent’s first name, last name, and date of birth. You may also enter the dependent’s middle name, grade, school, and list any sports they play.

After entering their information, click “Add dependent” to add them to your account. From now on, the dependent will be listed whenever you navigate to the “Dependents” tab in your account. 

If you decide not to add the dependent, you can click “Cancel” to return to the dashboard.

Edit or Remove a Dependent

You can edit or remove a dependent by clicking their name from the “Dependents” page and opening the “Details” tab. 

To edit a dependent, click “Edit” and make any desired changes. Remember to click “Save” before navigating away from the page.  

To delete a dependent, click “Edit,” “Remove Dependent,” then “Yes, delete.”