How to Submit a Request as a Custodian

To start, create your account and/or log in here, and click “Make a New Request for Records” under the Requests tab. 

Select the provider or organization from which you are requesting records by selecting their state and entering their name. Click “Search” to pull up a list of matching custodians, then click “Request Records” to select a custodian. If you do not see the custodian you are searching for, click “Advanced Search” and enter as much information as possible.

Fill out the request form with the patient’s details, and upload your signed authorization form or court-ordered subpoena. Select how you would like to receive your records, as well as any additional services you would like to add to your request. Once your request is complete, submit it by clicking “Send to Provider.”

For an in-depth, step-by-step guide, please watch the following video:

Watch this helpful video that explains how to submit a request as a custodian: